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"In the IT world , it's easy for some extremely useful hardware and software offerings to exist with practically no one knowing they're even available"

These are the opening words of an article by Ryan Rhodes of IBM Systems Magazine, in its September/October, 2007 issue. 

Sakman Software Corporation, an IBM's business partner, was founded in 1982 to provide application development  and productivity tools services in mainframe environments. 

One of our tools -  MQ Exporter/Importer is distributed thru IBM Websphere MQ SupportPack

                        (Note : Setup instructions and files for this tool can be downloaded FREE directly from IBM SupportPack web-site:


During 25 years of our work we have partnered with prominent companies for the development of banking and other financial software, and we have developed, used, and shared with others, a line of productivity tools to ease application development process in IBM Mainframe environments. 

Our productivity tools are panel-driven; they require  zero-programming, zero- JCL, and zero-syntax knowledge; they would be useful to any mainframe developer. 

Sakman Utilities are Mainframe Tools that are presented in 4 categories:


Relational Database Aid (RDBA) is a Mainframe DB2 browser, editor tool used to deal with DB2 tables and queries, and VSAM/QSAM datasets

This comprehensive tool can operate not only under TSO, but also under  CICS, thus empowering the end-users with the facilities of direct interface with DB2 Tables through enabling them to run queries with variables fed by themselves.

Express Toolset is a set of mainframe tools to deal with DB2 and VSAM for ad hoc tasks, such as SQL-VSAM joins, DB2 Loads/ Unloads between different subsystems, DB2/VSAM exports thru drivers, VSAM updates thru a driver, Data Exchange between MQ Series Queues and flat datasets. Express Sortware is a set of mainframe tools to sort, copy, reformat, merge, match, split or multiply datasets; and perform the following functions on dataset fields: inspect data validity, run statistics for counts, totals, averages, check unique values, detect duplicate values, and set Return Codes based on number of records PADEST is a TSO/ISPF Panel application development and data entry systems toolset. A unique tool on the Mainframe Market, PADEST provides a screen painter where protected and unprotected fields and function keys utilization are defined with ease by removing the necessity of the developers'  need to learn ISPF's panel definition language 

Please check the mainframe tools for details, and fill free to contact us with any questions. 

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